Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beta II

This is my 1st hero team I created when I was 12. I dont remember the rest of the team but there were 2 more. The guy with the goggles(obvious that I like cyclops) was supposed to be more of a rip off of snake eyes. His name is NightStrike and everyone had a ninja on the team back in the day. The leader was my tank character ShatterStorm. He is 3rd in line for the throne of a distant planet. His father made him serve in the galactic police. And the last guy is WildSide. He is an energy being that focuses that energy thru his suit. Ocean was our universe back then. Magna Force protected the earth. Beta II protected earth from space. Masked Avenger and Venger were protectors of I always thought Peoria LOL,,,,,And Colonel Awesome led the Galactic police. The thing about Beta II I only drew 4 issues and 1 super graphic novel for them. But I put the most thought,,,well for a 12 yr old into them. I had the base drawn out,,,Marvel was doing blue print comics for their teams at that time,,, I fleshed out the characters more than Venger,,,,but I didnt draw them alot because once I got older I realized that my characters looked too much like mainstream comics and I put them on the shelf,,,,HMMM maybe I bring them out Again,,,,Holla back Kevin I hope ya DIGZZZZ IT