Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Been A Long Time!!!!!

Been a while since I last posted anything. Well I been teaching my self a new way to draw stuff. I came across a guy by the name of Glenn Vilppu. He used to teach the artist at Disney. Well he has got me to see the figure different and has opened my eyes to alot of things I wasnt getting. I had to re think my whole process for the better. No more action line (which never did it for me personally),,,now it's more analyizing the whole figure and finding where the flow points in the figure are. It has greatly enhanced my ability in a short time I've been studying it. The drawing Manual and lecture videos I HIGHLY reccomend!!!!!!! Ok the jedi's were done when i first got the program and was still figuring it out,,,,The guy sitting was done today,,,review the jedi with my older stuff looks much better. The jedi ink and the guy crayol-erase