Friday, November 12, 2010

More wrestlers

More characters designs. I'm starting the 6 page intro called Ultimo Ninjas' last match. I'll post thumb to finished penicils. Theses are Ultimo, Reworked Diablo Negro, Danny Atlas, and just the start for the owner. I was reading a wrestling Mag and they had the greats of the sports. So I decided to do that with the characters


Monday, November 1, 2010

Drawing Words Writing Pictures

I'm trying to warm up the ole creative muskels so I can finally get this dang comic started. So I found an awesome book called Drawing Words Writing Pictures. It's a text book for comic making. I'll leave a link at the end of this. Anyway They have a 5 Day syllabus that I'm using. So I thought I'll post as I do each assignment. The day 1 assingments are, draw someone running, a car speeding, a ball falling, someone slipping, and paper blowing in the breeze. The second assignment is to draw 3 scenarios. 1st on is a ball comes thru a kitchen window. The ball flies thru a newspaper someone is reading at the kitchen table. The guy reacts to the ball. 2nd is one person trips another. The person falling knocks a lamp off the table. The person doing the tripping is laughing. Finally the 3rd is two men fighting. One guys throws a rock and hits the other in the face. The guy getting beaned fires a gun that makes a light fall over the first dude. Here are my attemps. Tell me what you think since I am doing this Ronin style. The book does speculate the drawing dont have to be finished. I could have done stick figures. Just get the idea across

Ohh yeah the link: