Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Woa,,,,,,been a long time

Hey It's been a while since I've posted anything new. Work has been hectic and my mother just had a stroke so my plate has been a little on the full side. But what has sitting in an ICU room for hrs afforded me is time to do some drawing. So here we go!!!! This is the 1st super group I've made up since highschool. My kids have been begging me to make drawings of them as superheroes. The 1st will be a team shot. The 2nd is of Gabriel a.k.a AtomicG. He has the power to split atoms and release that in a beam. He contains the power in a field but his hands have to be in gauntlets to protect him. When I eventually ink him and color this the power will remain in black and white. 3rd will be of Ashlyn a.k.a EnfuegA. She is the fire elemental of the group. She has an extreamly hot head to go with. To come later is Robin a.k.a R-Solid. She will be the tank muscle and invunerability. These are just penicils Inks and Color to come.

Keep my mom in your prayers

Hope ya Digs


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Libra! by Design Studio said...

Danté, dude, good sketches man. When you use your line of action your sketches were stellar. Have you been able to get any freelance or anything in comics or animation character design? I have found it tough to get into. They want look-a-likes these days. Well, keep it up. It'll help keep your mind off of the troubles. I can't wait to see more.