Thursday, January 20, 2011

AT LAST!!! I've decided on the final look for Booger Eaters,,,,12 man roster to start. Here the are

I'm going to ink and color these on the intuos,,for the first time doing the entire ink and color process. I'm thinking about finishing the guy with his hand on his hips on the intuos also


Libra! by Design Studio said...

What's booger eaters?! Synopsis.

Aggressive,,,Art!!! said...

Sup Kev,,,The story is when the NFL went on strike pro wrestling took over as the #1 sport in a america. Congress then went and made it illegal for all the fakeness that goes on. So all these years later 1 company has had a monopoly on the sport. My story is about a mysterious person buying out all the small federations in the midwest and going up against the Big Boy. The twist is that the mysterious person is going to be the Big owners daughter. Booger Eaters the title comes from a radio show I listen to where the guy calls anyone that like pro wrestling booger eaters,,,,whew outta breath. How you been bro and thanks for still looking at my blog,,,I've come along way since I started don't you think

MangaLover said...

Hey dad